Tuesday, February 01, 2005

a ChanGE

hey guys dont u think that my blog is getting more and more serious day by day . what do think bout a change ?? well lemme share something that happened to me , ( though not in my real life , ha ha !! )

well , any ways here it goes:-
it was a really cold early in the morning , i was bout to go to school , but i was lost in my sleep , in my dream land . my dad woke me up . He said - " son , wake up !! time to go to school " . but i wanted to stay under my blanket . coz at that point of time that was the cleverest thing to do to save urself from the biting cold . Sleepy me mumbeled - " Listen dad ! ........... i'm not going to my school today for four basic reasons " . by the time my dad was getting annoyed , coz hes been waiting outside my room and the door was locked . in anger he asked ..... " Well !! can i KNOW the four inportant basic reasons ?? " I answered : - " well yeah !! first of all i've too tired to go to school and second of all i just hate that school , third is that i dont wanna step out of my blanket and last of all is that i've had it with those punks . " But neither my dad was in a mood to give up !!
so instantly he answered _ " well you are going to school for three reasons , first of all u have a duty to perform , second u are 35 and third is that u r the school principal ! " .................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> oops !!! sorry thats not me !! eh !! eh !!! ,,,,,,,,, the son was left with no options but to go to his school !!! though unwillingly !!!

diFFidenT 2 smArtNESs

gone are those days when the children used to be as boring as a black and white film . they all used to be book worms . but its not the case for todays kids . for them studies are the second option whearas love , friendship , and recreation are the first. today a boy doesnt feel afraid to propose a girl , than being afraid to ask any question to his teachers . on the other hand a girl dont take as much time as much she takes to dress herself up for a new year's party to say 'Yes' to the boys proposal . but though some are not like them , but in todays world they are exceptions! , and obviously exceptions are not the examples !! being with parents make them get bored but instead they would preffer a vacation with their friends , and best with their girl-friends .

now a days we dont hesitate to guzzle up ciggerettes and hard driks . but when asked we all give a similar excuse " Everybody should try out everything , goOg or bAd " .................. parents scold , sometimes they hit and even sometimes they weep . but are they of any use ?! actually all these acts as gully on our ears preventing their scoldings to get in and the inner thoughts to come out .

but my question is why should they alaways say us what to do and what not ?? c'mon this is our life and we have the full right to live it as we want . we dont need our parents to direct us what to do and what not !! sometimes our parents contrieve us to take the subjects which they like and fulfill their unfulfilled dreams , but have they ever thought that it only bring failure at the end and nothing else .?. man !! we are gutted by all these stuffs . eh !! if our parents are only like this then hoe can they critise Adolf Hitler and persons like him ?? cos if they are like this then they are noe different for Hitler..................... but they doesnt stop here either . we've to tolerate their scoldings and sometimes thrashings ( though i've never experienced any kind of thrashings ever) if we perform poor in our exams . but have they ever thought that how difficult is todays educational system and there is a hell and heaven difference between our parents edu and our edu systems . c'mon man you cant expect a tamarind tree to bear mangoes !!!!!!!

biOlogY oR coMpuTER

biOlogY oR coMpuTER
so here i am , and this is me , i'm heading towards the board examination but it seems to be nothing in front of this problem . the problem of
selecting the subjects i'm gonna take in class 11 and 12 . i never say that i'm good in biology neither i'm good in computer . but i know and i can
say atleast that i'm a bit better in my computer studies . but i've to select any one of this and i'm stuck in between these two subjects and am
totally confused . confused because i'm better in my computer but i like reading biology whearas computer books get into my nerves.
computer is very interesting , and in that sence biology is not so attractive but my computer book never draws my attention towards it . sitting
for practical and sitting for your theoritical examination has a hell and heaven difference . in computer studies the practical part carries only
30 marks whearas theory carries the rest 70 marks !!! and on the other hand is biology . i wont say that i like it very much . but i'ld preffer
biology . the thing is that i dont get bored fo reading biology but being frank the computer book really bores me . rather i'ld be happier if there
was a choise between chemistry and computer , i just hate chemistry and riddance from chemistry would make me the happiest person in the
world , but alas !! there is an option between biology and computer only .
i made myself ready to take biology but today was our school and discussing with my friends i found that all of them are going for computer and
very less for biology . so that makes me think again and again . i'm getting distracted , and is effecting my studies . one my friend gave me the
same advice that i gave him for the same problem - "Listen To Ur Heart" . but how can i do so when my heart itself is totally confused !! i could go
to my teachers for advise but the computer teacher would preffer computer whearas biology teacher would preffer biology . so that would
confuse me more i guess !! i've never been much of a very studious student in my life thats another problem which is making me think to change
my track to computer , coz if u take biology then u need to study it anyways , and class 11 and 12 is not a matter of joke i suppose . i'm keeping
my fingers crossed for tommorrow hoping that i'ld be able to make up my mind . man !!!!! the decision is really proving to be a hard nut to crack .

Sunday, January 30, 2005

stARteD liKE sHIt , enDED grEAt !!

my pre-board exams were over , and i'm relaxing at home in front of my computer . then suddenly ' ding - dong ' ! the calling bell started ringing . i was feeling too lazy to open the door leaving the computer! i've ordered one of the servents to see whos there . it was my friend . he came to invite me for the marriage party of his maternal uncle , on 29th Jan . !! i was too excited , coz i'he never been to any marraige parties alone with only my friends . so it would be a great experience , mainly i was excited thinking about the girls who will be attending the party as well . so it was the night of 28th , i was preparing myself for great day coming up next . i was going to write my blog bout all these experience . then suddenly my phone started ringing ! i was in a great mood , and i picked up the phone thinking that it would be any of my friends, but all myhapiness fall away hearing the voice over the phone , to my great surprise i found that our geography teacher was on the phone . she asked me to attend the geography class the day next i.e. on 29th and doled out a huge amount of homeworks as well , including a huge mapwork . my gosh !! how am i going to fininsh my work in such a short period of time ?? but any ways i've to do it . but i didnt take much time to finish it ! and i took a deep breathe after doing so , i was all concerned that my 29th was not going to be as great as i've thought so , coz few of my teacher's face would ruin my whole day !!
finally the day arrived when i was to attend the great party with my friends only . but i was happier thinking that my parents wont be there to put limits on everything . but the party is at the night and first i've a class to attain . obviously the day isnt gonna turn up so great as i've thought it to be , first , our 2nd language class , then comes english class , then chemistry ( which i never thought of ) , then finnally geography class ( man !! our geography class cant get any more boring ) , and last but not the least , comes our history class , but this is not the stop , to add color to our sadness and tension there was a history test , and believe me, even i dont know what exactly i've written there , but i do know that i've not written any correct answer , thats for sure !! but atleast theres something good coming up tonite . maybe this thought was giving me the power to tolerate all the boring classes .
finally the time came when i was to attend the party . then getting dressed up i went to a friends house , there i found my other two friends waiting for me . and finally we all set ourself for the party . but party was not so bad tough but neither it was too hot . we didnt find any hotty gals we thought that we could find , but any ways we were not atleast getting bored , coz being with your friends and then discusssing all kinds of nonsences kills all your boreness !! eh !! all the party was over . it was 11:30 that we set ourselves for the way back home ! i never thought that the night would be so colorfull , cuz the day for me started like a disaster !

AdD tO tReAsuRE

people does every thing to earn money . the one who thinks money cant bring anything , never had any ! the fact is that , money can supply you with all the hapiness of the world . money can brieng you a fabulous car , money a luxurious home and girls get attracted to you only and only if you are rich . ha ! but only people like us understand all these . a person man loves his money more than he loves his family .
why do you think people work , and students are studying ! so that they can earn money and can live a splendid life or if any of them are penny less then they will even have difficulties to fill their empty tummies . in todays world a person without money has no respect at all . u earn more and more money , u earn more and more respect. days ago there were many things that money couldnt buy , like friendship , love , and things like that . but in todays mean world money can even buy you a friend and love . as i've said gals get attracted seeing your bank balence ( but sometimes if you are lucky enough then your looks may also do ) eh ! eh !
they way a man lives is decided by his money . money is GOD , and money is everyone's honey . i've seen many authors writing about the evils of money . ah ! rather we should consider money to be like a boon from an angle , coz your money is providing food to you , so ultimately its like providing life to you..!!!

mY oH My >>>>> a dArK FuTure !!

so my pre-boards results are out . and believe me our pre-board results are as disasterous as Tsunami . though it wont take any lives , but it may end many careers . and for a student career is equivalent to their life . God knows whats gonna happen . i really dont know , and neither i'm in a hurry to find out either . frankly speaking i've not done so bad in my exams , but the marks i've got contrived me to think that i really need to work hard , i've to give 120 per cent from me for my studies . how am i going to make it ?? i have no answer for that .
i'm afraid , because the marks i've got , gonna land me nowhere . am i gonna end up in the smokes ? neither i've the answer for this ! only i can do is to sit and wait , but yeah do my studies as well ! but i havent started yet , and only 1.5 months left . i am to get a motorcycle after completing my exams as a gift , provided i get 80% ! ah ! getting a bike is like a dream , my ultimate gift will be if i get admission in Hem Sheela Model School <> i'ld really hate to leave this school , Hem Sheela is like a family to me . the same school where i've spent 11 years and where my friends and i share uncountable memories ! now its time for me to leave it . i can do nothing but to sit and weep , i had an oppertunity to get admitted to Hem Sheela , but for this all i needed to do was study . but i was stupid enough not to take studies seriously , and now i'm paying the penalty . maybe i'll pay the penalty throughout my life ! huh !
i realise that study is your ultimate friend . but for me my studies are like a dull weather friend . i study only if i perform very bad in my exams ,. and its high time for me to take studies seriously ! but i dont know when am i going to take my make it . lets see !! i've fallen a prey to my recreations . believe me i really want to escape the black magic of my addictation towards my computer and internet . i never knew that my computer will be responsible to end myself in the dark !

GeneRaTioN nXt

the way i live is not alaways as good as the way i should live . but its quite natural for a man/ woman to shift to salty after having too much of sweets . so as my case . my lifestyle is kool indeed , but thats what i never think of . my life style cant be any kooler till i ecsape my studies ! argh ! people study to learn more and to reconcile with their success . and we study to save ourself from the thrashing of our parents . c'mon man all are not ment for everything . people gain fame , money and respect from 'others' , so he alone is not the one who can take all the credits ! if all were doctors and engineers , then who will farm the field , who will sale the goods at the shop ? so ultimately all will starve to death . so i think that the farmers and the shopkeeper , and others also should be given the same respect that we give to a doctor , a scientist and so on .
i can predict the future . i can see a day when students are struggling to get the jobs which are so simple and have no respect today . all those who are qualified as doctors are roaming jobless and the clerks and all like them are moving in mercedes benz . eh !
shit ! i'm unlucky enough to take my birth in this 21st century , rather i should have been born in the 30th or 40th century . Just imagine how the life would be ? less tudies and more computers ! haha ! then all will have the koolest lifestyle .

dAy tOdAy , NiGHT toMMorRoW

i'm quite nervous for tommorrow . tommorrow i'm gonna get my pre-board results , and trust me i'm going to pass miserably . so i want to live today as if there is no tommorrow . but i could not help myself from thinking bout my result . to drag my thoughts away from all these thoughts i started to write my blog , and then posted it ! i found a friend of mine online , so we chatted for quite long and then i was off for his house . from his house we were out for a stroll in the locality . great it was , i regain my mood and energy ! i was all concerned about the falling health of the weather , and then it started to rain , we enjoyed winter rain ! but boyz like us are not ment to enjoy such kind of stuffs , things that facinate us are - bikes , computers , more and more money and ofcourse girls . so we thought of going to a place where we could find the ultimate of these stufs i.e. girls , and yeah there were many . i concieved of if our music band was successful then we would have been surrounded by girls here and there , coz we really look kool , which makes 50 per cent and then being famous will add more 50 per cent to it !! ha ha !! but if we would have been in some big cities like kolkata or mumbai then we need not be famous . but for my board exams i'm confined to this town where nothing is everything .

tHE uLTimatE ChallEngE

i'm challenging my future . but in this challenge , if i win i'll loose and if i loose i'll win . but i dont wanna loose in victory i'm going to achieve by wining the bet . life is not a poker game indeed . but for me luxury comes first and hardwork second . believe me i want to be a changed man . i want to be successful , but there is a huge questionmark ! i get incommoded if any one ask me to work hard , rather i like to just sit in front of my computer , listen to music , talk to my friends in phone , and stufs like these ! i'm aware of the fact that i'm gonna incure danger like this , and for this i'll maybe end in smoke .
dealing with your enemy will make you gain loss !! but how many people understand all these . atleast i dont , thats why i've been alaways a mideocar student throughout my life , i had the capacity to cut the gordian knot but its too late now , if i wish i cannot concentrate in mywork. i've nothing to gain but i've got many things to loose . i'm walking in the dark hoping to find some light on the way . people say that fate will decide your future , but i believe that you are the one who can rule your fate and destiny. thats why i get depressed many a times.

aD inFIniTUM

as far as my eyes carry my sight i see the same . no matter where i am no matter where i was and no matter where i'll be . in front of me lies a long future , and i can see nothing but darkness and behind me lies my happier days , but i'm unable to see them only i can remember a little bit . for me they are only a bright ray of light which prevents me from seeing myself playing with my old friends , in the old park , and my old place where i have spend my childhood . whenever i remember those days , tears capture my eyes ! i tried very hard to ignore my pasts but i failed . how can i let bygones be bygones ? they are precious to me , even my life is not as colourful and precious as my past were.
my past days has the lions share of my memory . these memories are sole responsible for letting the grass grow under my feet , i feel like doing nothing but to remember them , and see how far can i remember the place , my friends , and the park . i cant believe that i would never ever meet my old pals again , and this thought makes me leave my studies in the lurch. life and time is dragging me on and on ! and as i'm moving foreward these memories are becoming more bright , rather fading up .
i try to read i go to work i'm laughing with my friends , but i cant stop keeping my self thinking ! those days are and alaways be priceless for me !